Meet the vocalists, part XVII: Anneleen Olbrechts

Tom Tee: It's always a delight to get Anneleen behind the microphone, and to see her effortlessly morph into the persona the song in question needs. One of those times, incidentally, wasn't with Entering Polaris, but with my other main endeavour Thorium, where Anneleen took on the role of the "Evil Queen Of France" Johanna Navarra, in Thorium's epic 17-minute trilogy '1302'. For the Entering Polaris recordings, it was the same...Anneleen likes to delve deep into the setting and emotion of a given track, giving you the feeling you're not just doing a vocal production with a great singer, but with a voice actor that's plunging into the mind of a character. Always a joy to work with and to hear her breathe life and animation into a song, check out Anneleen's powerful performance on the acoustic album's closing suite "...And Silently The Age Did Pass" !

Thanks, high-fives, libations and cheers to Anneleen and all @ Thorium for helping to make this dream come true!!

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Video teaser trailer by INGO SPÖRL -


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