Meet The Vocalists, Part XVI: Jeffrey Rademakers

Tom Tee: Getting Jeffrey behind the microphone is always a treat -- not only are my eardrums utterly shattered by the end of the session, and not only has many a refreshing and tasty alcoholic beverage been consumed by both Jeff and myself, but mostly I find my hard drive simmering with awesomely brutal vocal takes that Jeff has so graciously belted out, not only giving me the luxury of sifting through a plethora of cool tracks, but also granting some welcome and often unexpected bouts of grit and aggression to the albums.
Always eager to experiment, always willing to torture both his vocal cords and my ears in the most pleasant ways possible, and always huge fun to work with, Jeff appears on multiple occasions across these new records; try to spot him before tinnitus sets in!! =D

Thanks, high-fives, libations and cheers to Jeff and all @ Spartan for helping to make this dream come true!!

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