Meet The Vocalists, Part XV: Benny 'Zors' Willaert

Tom Tee: I really can't count the number of times anymore that Benny and I have worked together; the number of times we did recordings for various releases, or the amount of times we shared the stage... And every time we do, it's a privilege, as it results in absolutely astounding vocal performances, and good times to boot! Having Benny behind the microphone is a joy, as you'll never see anyone delivering massive amounts of pitch-perfect leads, harmonies and choirs quicker or more efficiently than him. For those reasons and more, Benny might well be my favourite vocalist to come out of our tiny country.

Choice cuts? The cool track 'Extraordinary Journeys' (with its nice & nerdy lyrics on the importance of reading, learning and studying -- which is absolutely fitting to Benny, as he's a teacher in real life!), and various chapters of all of both albums' epics -- 'Six Directions Of Space', 'Distant Horizons', and 'And Silently The Age Did Pass'!

Thanks, high-fives, libations and cheers to Benny for helping to make this dream come true!!

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