Meet the vocalists, pt XIV: David Marcelis

Highlighting the 17 vocalists on the new albums

Tom Tee: To anyone following the adventures of my other, main endeavour that is Thorium (BE), David is no stranger. He's Thorium's lead vocalist, and has been part of the band since the debut album in 2018. Aside from that, however, David is and has been part of loads of awesome bands, not least his very own Lord Volture. True powerhouses of classic, raw and pure Heavy Metal, both Lord Volture and David's voice are absolute "must-hears" for any fan of the genre. And, to boot, it's simply always a pleasure to work with David, whether it be for Thorium or for Entering Polaris... Choice cuts: the proggy track 'Distant Horizons', and especially the roaring, nautical epic that is The Tempest and the Sea (video available here: )!!

Thanks, high-fives, libations and cheers to David and all in Lord Volture for helping to make this dream come true!

Video teaser trailer by Ingo Spörl -

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