Meet the vocalists, pt XII: Audrey Dandeville

Tom Tee: When I started the monster-production of what would eventually turn out to be four full albums in total (the first two of which are out now, in the form of the 'Atalantean Shores' // 'And Silently The Age Did Pass' double-release), I knew I wanted the full cast of vocalists from the debut album to return. Among those was Audrey; a classically trained French Opera singer, whose voice and talent can best be described as a force of nature. Honed through a lifetime of classical study, there's little or nothing Audrey can't do, and you'll hear Audrey across the albums almost everywhere where female vocals, backings and choirs are involved. What an utter joy it always is to hear Audrey's recordings come in, courtesy of her friend and band colleague Stéphane Arnaud :) Here's to working together again on the next albums!

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