Meet the vocalists, pt XI: John Yelland

Highlighting the 17 vocalists on the new albums!

Tom Tee: When the time came to start drawing up my usual "wish-list" of vocalists, John was on there from the start :) From the moment I heard John with his utterly brilliant band JUDICATOR, several years ago now, I knew I'd love to work with him at some time. That time, thankfully, turned out to be now, and John is one of only a few vocalists that sings across all four(!) of the albums that were produced, the first two of which you're (possibly; probably; hopefully!) listening to right now :) From his powerful approach on the electric songs, to the utterly mesmerising way he haunts the acoustic tunes, John is one of the highlights on these records. Seek out the tracks 'A Season Away' and 'Glacier', and you're sure to agree!

Video teaser trailer by Ingo Spörl -

Judicator online:

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