Meet the vocalists, pt X: Lance King

We're highlighting each and every one of the 17 vocalists on the new albums - up next is Lance King.
Tom Tee: Does Lance really need an introduction? He's been part of the Melodic, Prog and Power Metal scenes for about as long as the scenes themselves have existed, spreading his talents far and wide across more fantastic albums than anyone can count. There's magic in receiving recordings from one of your favourite singers, knowing they've let the lines pass through their own vocal cords, and hearing how they've transformed your own, feeble attempts at a demo-vocal into something epic! What a privilege it is, yet again, to have Lance's superb voice on these releases! 

Thanks, high-fives, libations and cheers to Lance for making this dream come true, yet again!

Video teaser trailer by Ingo Spörl -

Lance King Online:

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