As we're preparing to release the first videos and singles, let's put some things in the spotlight. As most will have noticed, we're releasing TWO records at the same time this year (June 22nd), bundled as a stunning double-album-package. The first of these two is called ATLANTEAN SHORES, and is a melodic, progressive, and high-energy Metal album, with intricate songwriting and conceptual lyrics. Clocking in at 70 minutes, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios, with absolutely stunning artwork by Italian artist Velio Josto, and featuring no less than 17 amazing vocalists (for an overview, see the album we trailer we just released), you're in for a marathon journey 😉

01 Forever (06.00)

02 The Lords of the Last (03.22)

03 The Tempest and the Sea (07.36)

04 Sands of Time (04.32)

05 Do Raindrops Aspire to be Oceans? (06.12)

- Part I: The Rain

- Part II: The River

- Part III: The Ocean

- Part IV: Cycle


06 Six Directions of Space (19.41)

- Prologue: Beyond the Aquila Rift (part 1)

- Part I: House of Suns

- Part II: Remembering Blue Earth (a) A Signal From the Deep, (b) On the Steel Breeze

- Part III: Nostalgia For Infinity (revisited)

- Part IV: Terminal Planet (a) A Falling of Angels, (b) Dirigible, (c) The Mad Machines

- Part V: Ice (a) Relativistic, (b) Cruising Speed

- Part VI: The Void (a) Exodus, (b) Merlin’s Flowers, (c) Only These Years

- Epilogue: Beyond the Aquila Rift (part 2)


07 Extraordinary Journeys (04.25)

08 A Season Away (04.05)

09 This Old Land (an Arrow to the Sun) (03.40)

10 Distant Horizons (10.25)

- Part I: Terra Incognita

- Part II: Discovery

- Part III: Odyssey

- Part IV: Glory and Gold

- Part V: Under the Southern Cross

- Part VI: A Brighter Tomorrow

- Part VII: Atlantean Shores


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