Meet the vocalists, pt.V: Georg Neuhauser

Meet The Vocalists Part 5: Georg Neuhauser!

We're highlighting each and every one of the 17 vocalists you'll hear on the new albums, up next is Georg Neuhauser (Serenity, Warkings)!

Tom Tee: I remember first hearing Georg on the second Serenity album 'Fallen Sanctuary' in 2008, and was instantly hooked on the music, the songwriting, and of course Georg's distinctive and absolutely crystal clear voice. I've always been drawn to artists that have a wholly unique style and sound -- the kind where you hear a single note being played or sung and you instantly know it's them -- and Georg has that elusive and absolutely priceless quality. He was also one of the vocalists on the debut record and was featured on its video single 'Paradise Reclaimed', so I knew I dearly wanted to work with him again for the follow-up records. The video message that you see at the start of this trailer, by the way, was Georg's own, spontaneous idea, and so I felt I had to put it before the teaser ;-)
Listening tip -- check out Georg on the acoustic song 'This Old Land', as he gives a masterclass in timing, tone, emotion and delivery. Goosebumps guaranteed! =)

Video teaser trailer by Ingo Spörl -


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